7 Tips For Making The Most Out of Your Website

website design & development Oct 19, 2021

Making a website is a big task and often people are stuck with where to start or even how to start. This is why we have created 7 easy tips of things you should consider when thinking about creating and designing your website!



 1. Having a Plan: 

Starting with a basic idea of what your website will look like is always ideal. Some key aspects you will want to focus on are:

  • Colours
  • Fonts
  • Pages
  • Overall style

Something simple but important to think about is whether your call to action/ buttons will be square or round. These simple components are the foundations of your website that the copy will sit upon. I would recommend drawing out your basic plan on paper as it allows for full creative freedom not restricted by software and frame lines.



 2. Creating Multiple Pages:

In order to save time when creating multiple pages, you want to be creating a Master Template page. This will save time because you will be duplicating the master template which will have your header, footer, fonts and colours already imported.



3. Less is More:

It is best to keep your homepage as clean and minimalistic as possible, this will direct your customer's limited attention towards the things that actually matters, like the button to the sales page!

Keep your copy to as little as possible, or spread it out throughout the page making it less of a task to read it all. Customers are more likely to read a list of bullet points than a large paragraph.



4. Colour Schemes:

The best way to ensure you have a colour scheme that doesn’t metaphorically burn your audience's eyes would be to use a colour pallet website. These sites combine colour science and popular themes, to offer you a wide selection of colour palettes to chose from.

My advice would be to keep it simple and neutral. However, if you insist on choosing your own colours then remember to use a colour wheel and use complementary colours or contrasting colours.



5. Remember to be Diverse:

Depending on your audience, the people landing on your homepage could be from a wide variety of ethnicities and backgrounds, and it is important to keep diversity in mind when selecting your images and when writing your copy.

A good website will make all users feel welcome, this will ultimately improve the success of your site, by catering to all walks of life.



6. Composition:

When creating or selecting images and videos for your website be mindful of composition using the rule of thirds, leading lines and framing to make the content look as professional as possible.



7. Hick's Law:

“States that the more choices an individual has the longer they will take to make a decision.”

Simple site = quicker decision = Purchase


If you need any more advice on website design, contact us and we can see what we can do for you!

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