Follow These Ten Commandments for Content Writing

content & writing services Oct 19, 2021

Anyone can create content, but not everyone can compose great content. It takes a lot of patience, skills and talent to achieve the goal of good content: attracting readers!

It is not every day that people read a good article. Some may have a haywire thought; others may also have a lengthy and boring one. One cannot simply think of words and jot them down to create a sentence. You need to want to attract viewers to stay on your page and read your content.

Often, content and stories go viral because of the way they were written, short yet full of wisdom. Most of the time, a writer doesn't simply wake up, grab a pen and start to write; they need to think and arrange the message they want to convey to their readers. 


Do I really need to become a pro to write content?  

Of course not! Professional writers worked their way up to become who they are now. They also went through hardships, inability to think of words, and then there are times they felt gloomy and lacked interest (and they make mistakes too!). We're all human, after all. 

Poets can capture the hearts of a reader and you too, an ordinary person with a mind and imagination as vast and endless as the sea can touch and reach people through the power of your words.


Do I have what it takes?

Anybody with the will and tenacity to achieve one great goal will succeed in their attempts to attain those goals. 

You don't need to have a degree, a title or even a formal education. As long as you have a goal and you have the urge to get going, you're good to go. Yet sometimes, the path you are walking on can be a little rough and rocky. You will encounter inevitable mishaps and challenges on the way, and this is where you will check for signs.

Follow these ten commandments of content writing to ensure that you are on the right path to attracting traffic to your articles:

(1) Thou shall not restrain yourself from writing

No one is allowed to tell you that you cannot do it, not even yourself. Limiting yourself means that you are not strong enough to make mistakes and learn from them. If you think you have the imagination to build from, then grab it and leap!


(2) Thou shall not think that content is just mere words

We are well aware of the famous line, "Content is King", if we say so, we are also aware that a king needs his knights. Your content must not only be composed of words but make sure to put accents, such as graphics, illustrations and CTA's. If you want to become a top search, try attaching videos to your blogs. This will keep the interest of the readers.


(3) Thou shall not publish your work without editing and proofreading it

Run through it again and look at the other perspective. Make sure to check for typos and spelling corrections before posting it online. Editing may be a gruesome task, but this will make good content into something better.

After editing, take some time to proofread your work. Editing is making alterations and last-minute changes; on the other hand, proofreading is skimming through work for tiny errors such as spelling and punctuation. 


(4) Thou shall not disregard the power of research

Good content sprouts from a brilliant topic. You may be a pro in writing or a newbie in the industry; either way, you should consider the importance of researching your subject matter. People will never be impressed by content that speaks of pure theories without evidence and proof. You have to be patient with the tedious research task.


(5) Thou shall not ignore the needs of your audience and readers

Connect with your audience in the most meaningful way you can think of. The goal of publishing content is to attract traffic, make them stay and keep them long enough. To succeed in this area, you should understand who your audience is and would they benefit from your article or would they even be interested? Your output must help your audience find what they are looking for.


(6) Thou shall not create an article without an outline

Others may have advised you to write freely, and that's ok (really!) but if you are pointing out something specific, never forget to outline your thoughts and ideas. It may sound exasperating, urging you to think about your content thoroughly, but it is better than publishing a feature that's just beating around the bush.


(7) Thou shall not settle with less

Less is more might be a little too overused. A little of something may indeed leave readers wanting more, but if you're going to make your readers stay, don't publish only one article and don't leave out the primary information. But of course, with the existing competition in the industry, it is not all about the amount of content you post, but the relevance must also be considered. 


(8) Thou shall not be blind to the competition in the industry

The online industry is now truly saturated. Emerging new talents are rampant and unstoppable, which may cause reduced attention for the existing players in the industry. It is always a good idea to be aware of what your competition is doing to understand what you need to be doing to stay in the game.


(9) Thou shall not use understated headlines

When people search for an article, review or feature, the first thing they would really notice is the headlines. If your headline is not catchy enough, the traffic will pass by your article; without a second glance. Exciting titles are the key! Your titles can lift your content but make sure that it will not fall into the clickbait category as it will drive your readers away.


(10) Thou shall not underestimate your capability to write good content

Your content will never be good if you tend to think low of yourself. If you often feel that you're not capable of doing so, you can never really push for your goals. Don't ever think "I can't do it", "I don't know where to start", or "I am not a writer". No writer was ever born a writer, they may have skills, but of course, they trained for it. So next time you are drowning yourself with these thoughts burst those bubbles and start by writing about what you love the most. 


Just remember, no one is allowed to dictate to you how you are going to start. Start in your own time and race at your own pace. 

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