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6 Figure Expert Business - April 2024 Cohort

Joining the 6-Figure Expert Business Coaching Program is Like Strapping a Rocket to Your Business Goals 🚀 Here's everything that's covered in this training:

Module 1 - Calling: Visionary Ventures
Chart a course to business clarity by defining your vision and mission, connecting deeply with your target audience, and setting a clear, purposeful direction for your entrepreneurial journey.

Module 2 - Circles: Circle of Influence
Master customer lifecycle management, transforming casual observers into loyal clients and brand champions, while fostering a thriving community around your offerings.

Module 3 - Compass: Funnel Frontiers
Simplify your online marketing with a Minimum Viable Funnel™, leveraging automation to efficiently convert prospects into customers and streamline your path to success.

Module 4 - Craft: Product Producer
Turn your creative concepts into coveted digital products. Learn to design courses, downloads, and memberships that engage, excite, and effortlessly convert.

Module 5 - Campaigns: Campaign Conquerors
Gain the prowess of a digital marketing maestro, crafting content and targeted ad campaigns that resonate with your audience and deliver real results.

Module 6 - Commerce: Seamless Synergy
Discover the art of 'Selling without Selling™,' aligning your offerings with client needs to create a natural and smooth sales experience that enhances your business's value.

Exclusive Community Access
Join a dedicated community of entrepreneurs, engage in rich discussions, and gain insights to fuel your growth throughout this 8-week training program.

Two Months of Coaching Calls
Stay on track with bi-monthly coaching calls with Ant, offering personalized feedback and accountability. Missed a session? No worries, recordings are available for your convenience.

Accelerate your online business growth with us—where every step forward is a step towards achieving your entrepreneurial dreams.

PLEASE NOTE: You are NOT getting access to the content today.

All training content will be released on April 4, 2024 and will be accompanied by two months of live coaching calls with Ant. Access to the HodgesNet community will also be granted at this time - this is where the coaching calls will take place.