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What's Stopping You From Actually Succeeding?

Here at HodgesNet, we understand the frustrations of juggling content creation, marketing strategies, and all the technical aspects of building systems and funnels that create profit. But what if these challenges could be transformed into stepping stones for success?

Membership to the HodgesNet Community offers a unique blend of training, resources, and community support to guide you through every step of your online journey to achieving your success goals. Essentially, we've got you covered.

Are you an aspiring online entrepreneur struggling to turn your passion into a profitable business, but want to find assistance in an affordable way? You're not alone.

Welcome to The HodgesNet Community, our mission? To turn POTENTIAL into PROSPERITY. Our community is your gateway to mastering the art of growing an online knowledge-based business, overcoming technical hurdles, and skyrocketing your online success.

"Ant is Amazing! He gives so much information. For someone like me, it helps me to have a very clear roadmap in front of me to implement everything I need to have a successful online business. Ant does just that."

Simon Banks

"Any time I need anything Kajabi done, there is only one place I need to come - thanks for being on my team and for bringing your brilliance to my mission."

Lisa A. Romano

"Ant and his team have managed my online marketing since 2016 and are solely responsible for all my Kajabi elements also. In the time we have worked together, my business has tripled. I can’t recommend Ant enough. Thanks buddy!"

Kevin Wright

Imagine this...

Think about a Monday morning, in your near future. Not next Monday, but in a few months from now.

You wake up to notifications of another round of course enrollments ‚Äď your inbox is full of messages from inspired students praising your content. Your latest course has hit record sales, and your community is buzzing with excitement about your upcoming webinar. As you sip your morning coffee, you review your increasing¬†stats inside your Stripe account. You're not just teaching online, you're an influential digital mentor, shaping lives and enjoying the financial freedom you've always desired.

Let me be real with you, this isn't a far-off dream. It's the reality that we're dedicated to helping you build within our community. Every step, strategy and connection is a building block to this future. A future where your success story inspires the next generation of online entrepreneurs.

Join the HodgesNet community. Lets grow together


Membership to the HodgesNet Community will give you:


Access to a Wealth of Knowledge

You will get access to live, expert-led Q&A training sessions with Ant Hodges and resources specifically tailored for mastering Kajabi and other essential digital tools. Your access is designed to accelerate your learning process, empowering you to build and scale your online business FAST!


Personalized Support and Mentorship

As a member of the HodgesNet Community, you'll receive personalized support, including individual feedback, advice, and guidance from Ant Hodges on live Q&A calls and other community members as you share. This support will help you overcome specific challenges and give you specific strategies that will dovetail with your aspirations in business.


Networking and Collaborative Growth

Membership in the HodgesNet Community opens doors to networking with like-minded entrepreneurs who speak the same business language and are on the same journey as you. There are plenty of opportunities for collaboration on your journey - this has the potential to unlock new business avenues and build lifelong connections.


Stay Ahead of The Curve

The digital and online world is constantly changing - nothing stands still for too long. Being part of the HodgesNet Community ensures you're always kept in the loop with the latest trends, tools, and strategies that are working today. You'll get all the insights to help you stay ahead of the curve and have an unfair advantage over others.


Exclusive Resources and Discounts

As a member, you'll enjoy exclusive access to essential resources as they are released and made available inside your membership. For online and live in-person events that Ant Hodges hosts and HodgesNet run, members will be able to attend at a discounted rate. 

"Ant is a business mentor and coach that has a depth of strategies that will accelerate the growth of your business. His strategic insight, results focused approach and leading edge marketing strategies will take your business to the next level."

Gavin Preston

"Ant is always happy to answer questions and to repeat points to ensure everyone, however untechnical, can understand and more importantly act on the knowledge gained. Lots of 'how to' advice."

Charlotte Mannion

"Ant is one of those wonderful resources who is full of knowledge, ideas and creativity. I posed a problem and he had not one but several suggestions for a solution so that I could improve my social media strategy and build it into success."

Michele Rosenthal

Here’s what you’ll get by joining The HodgesNet Community:

Live Q&A Calls with Ant Hodges

Join Ant and other members on a Live Online call twice a month. Taking place on the second and fourth Monday of every month online at 4pm UK time (8am Pacific / 11am Eastern), excluding August and national holidays. If you miss a live call, replays will be available to watch again.

Monthly Challenges

Every month a brand new challenge will be posted to complete within a timeframe.

A Community That Has Your Back!

Beyond the idea of just gathering people in this community, it's like family. There are people who really do know what you are going through and want to support you to get to where you want to be. Share, contribute, celebrate and encourage those in the community and you'll get it back too.

  Bonus Masterclass Training Products  

To add even more value to the membership of the HodgesNet Community, and to give you the best chance of achieving success, I want to also include these Masterclass training bonuses that you will have IMMEDIATE ACCESS to on joining.

Platform Mastery Masterclass




Understanding and effectively utilizing all features of Kajabi can be overwhelming. This masterclass training includes a look at the full feature set of Kajabi and making the most of things such as email marketing, website design, payment integration, automation and product set-up.

  • Become a true Hero of the online world by learning how one platform¬†could help you grow a multi-6-figure income¬†online business.
  • Get your Kajabi business engine firing on all cylinders (and get an extended free trial if you don't have it yet).
  • Learn everything¬†about Kajabi directly from the UK's¬†No.1¬†Kajabi geek, $1m Kajabi Hero and Award Winning Community Superstar.

Content Alchemy Masterclass




There is a way to create quality content in a consistent manner that engages and resonates with your target audience in order for them to be able to take action and become leads and customers for your business. You will also learn the art of developing a long-term content strategy that aligns with all of your goals for audience building, marketing and sales.

  • Walk away from this masterclass with a plan of how to curate content for all of your marketing needs.
  • Learn how to leverage and use AI to¬†assist you with idea generation and to give you the starting point for most of your marketing content.
  • Discover the¬† science behind Ant's very own Content Alchemy‚ĄĘ principles of "You - Everywhere - Always".

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  • Group Calls With Ant and the Whole Community Twice a Month
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  • Full Community Access Immediately
  • Group Calls With Ant and the Whole Community Twice a Month
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Take Action - Join the Community Today

Monthly Subscription Payment

14-Day Trial for Just £1

Then rebelling at £97/month unless cancelled (Prices includes VAT)

  • Full Community Access Immediately
  • Group Calls With Ant and the Whole Community Twice a Month
  • 2 x Bonus Masterclass Trainings

Annual Subscription Payment

£1,164/year £970/year

Saving You £194
(Prices includes VAT)

  • Full Community Access Immediately
  • Group Calls With Ant and the Whole Community Twice a Month
  • 2 x Bonus Masterclass Trainings

14 day trial terms: If you take up the offer of a 14 day trial, monthly membership will automatically be billed after this period of the price detailed above. You will receive information on how you can cancel your 14 day trial should you want to, and on cancelling your trial, or indeed any membership, full access to the community, calls with Ant and bonus masterclass trainings will be revoked immediately.

Ant's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

"Why not try the HodgesNet community for FREE?! If you join, attend the live calls in your first month, introduce yourself to everyone and engage in the community, rather than just be a lurker, and you feel you have got zero value from your membership, send me a message and I will have my team a refund your full membership fee that you have paid and have your access to the community and all bonuses revoked." ~ Ant Hodges

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