Helping Experts and Knowledge-Based Businesses Sell More Online Courses, Coaching and Consulting Services

You went into business to serve others and not to have to learn how to handle all of this technology, learn marketing funnels and be shopping around for reliable team to help you - we've got you covered.


Get set up, out to the market and launched - making sales!

You've been doing what you do, and serving people with your knowledge, wisdom and experience for many years - seeing people's live change for the better. Now with a course or service ready to go to market, you want to leverage The POWER of the Internet for MORE Profit™ and scale up in a BIG way - serving more people and making those bottom line profits look a lot more healthier. 

Create a Brand that positions you as THE go-to person in your niche an attract the right customers

Enjoy of the Technology Bliss as we remove that headache and handle things for you

Be free to Live the Life You Want and serve your customers AND grow your business

"I have been working with Ant and his team at HodgesNet. My training business has exploded and in recent months we've hit an $100,000 of sales. Ant and the team are in an integral part of my business and I can't recommend them enough."

Kevin Wright - Recycle Your Cash & Ninja Investor Programme

Why do experts and people wanting to sell knowledge online, choose to work with HodgesNet?


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An on demand video training that will show you "How to Attract, Convert and Deliver to 1,000's of New Customers and Scale Up Your Expert Business"


We are focussed on getting YOUR message out to the world.

You had a dream, a vision and a sense of calling when you decided to step into what you are doing now. You knew that your knowledge could serve others. It's just the hassle of funnels and marketing that is stopping you. We can help you get your message out to millions.

Our leader knows a thing or two about selling knowledge online today.

Once dubbed the "Kajabi Mechanic" and often referring to himself as a "self-confessed marketing nut-job", Ant Hodges is making waves in helping people to become a Knowledgepreneur® in their niche with his coaching and teaching. As a team, we implement the same strategies and frameworks that he teaches and trains 1,000's of people each year in. 

We roll up our sleeves and get under the hood to get things running smoothly.

By working with us you are not enlisting the services of a crack-pot team of highly priced consultants that will point you in a direction and give you the tactical plan of implementation, we work with you to actually get these things done!

Here's how we work... the entire process

1 - Book a call and speak with the team.

Apply by completing a short survey to help us see where best we may be able to help serve you, before we even speak. After the quick survey, and after confirming, we'll set up the call by sending you a link to book in.

2 -  Have a Private strategy session.

When on the call together we will map out the best way forward from where you are today, towards where you want to get to. We'll also follow this up with an outline of our implementation suggestions.

3 - Time to roll up our sleeves and get under the hood.

The HodgesNet team will get to work building out everything that was agreed in order to prepare you for launch. Whether it's websites, landing pages, design work, social media, media editing, adverts and funnels... we've got you covered!

4 - Time to say "Hello World!"

Once ready, we'll nail down a launch date, set the wheels in motion to open the shutters and let the world see your offerings. 

5 - Test, Measure, Implement and Grow

Working with the HodgesNet team and your dedicated marketing manager, should you enlist our services to continue to work with you after launch in order to grow your audience, increase your lead flow and handle all of your advertising and marketing for you - you create your expert content and serve your customers, we'll handle the ads, funnels and social content.

Let's Get Started - Book Your Initial Call Today

If it's the Weekend or Evening, we're not here...
And you shouldn't be working either!

"If you have to hustle all the time, you don't have a business, you still have a job!"
~ Ant Hodges, HodgesNet Founder

Putting systems, processes and predictable marketing strategies in place will enable you to ATTRACT, CONVERT and DELIVER for your clients. This will give you back your life, enable you to scale up and stop you having to work all the hours under the sun to make yoru business work. Let's take care of the best . strategy to get you selling and delivering more online, to 1,000's of your potential customers who are waiting for you to show up.